Overnight Safaris

Experience our first & exclusive ‘full day overnight safari’ experience under the African skies on the Upper Zambezi. This is truly a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with everything the untamed bush has to offer.


Overnight Safari Option 1 (USD 220.00 Per Person excl Nat Park Fees)


The journey starts at 15:00hrs on Day 1 where you will be taken on your first game drive with sunset views & spectacular scenery to your camping site where you will be welcomed with refreshing cocktails & snacks. Simply enjoy the night sounds & camp fire dinners served under the stars in a bush campsite. Day 2 starts off with an early morning walk to beat the harsh African sun but also a time when predators like lion are at their most active. Coffee & a snack will be offered enroute. A break for brunch will be taken at one of the many shaded picnic sites in the park and a chance for a snooze to the sounds of the savanna insects and birds. Weather & temperature dependent, the afternoon will either consist of another guided walk or a game drive through the park. This is an all-inclusive package.

Overnight Safaris Option 2 (USD 300.00 Per Person excl Nat Park Fees)

Our second overnight experience is a ‘2 days 1 night safaris’ which starts at 05:45hrs from your hotel from where you will be transferred to the start of your designated walking safari through the Zambezi Park. On arrival at the private campsite you will enjoy a light hearty lunch & an afternoon siesta. The afternoon will consist of another guided walking safari through areas with small streams & thickets and a good chance of prime game viewing. You will arrive back at camp for a cold beer and a chance of seeing a magnificent Zambezi sunset. A safari dinner will be served around the campfire whist your guide indulges you with tales of the bush and some close wildlife encounters. Settle in for the night in one of our comfortable tents and enjoy the thrill of sleeping in the wild. Day 2 kicks off at dawn with another guided walk and a good chance of seeing those nocturnal animals that have not yet scurried back into their burrows.


Tea, coffee & biscuits will satisfy you until your break for brunch and an afternoon siesta. The afternoon walks can be the most rewarding as most animals come out in the cool of the day to graze and drink along the spring lines and river. After a rendezvous with your driver guests will be dropped back at their hotels completely satisfied with an unforgettable night’s sleep. This is also an all-inclusive package.