Zip Line: Victoria Falls

Zip Line, Victoria Falls.

US$84.00 pp Single* (EXCLUDING National Park Fees)
US$127.00 Tandem* (EXCLUDING National Park Fees)


When an intense adrenaline rush met mind blowing scenery, the Zip Line was born. This is the longest zip line ride in the world, and such an incredible experience that you cant help wishing it could be longer.


The cable, which is suspended across 425 meters, plunges between the lips of the gorge and up the other side in an enormous U shape. A safety guide will gently ease you off the platform, so that you sit in the harness and let your legs dangle over the raging river. It is a moment of intense anticipation and expectation. Then, your guide will count you down to one of the most memorable adventures of your life. When your harnesses released, you will whizz through the air at 106km per hour. As you pick up speed, the world becomes a green and blue blur, while every cell in your body screams with excitement.


When the initial rush is over, you will hang in the chasm of the gorge, surveying the zig zag of the rapids below, the brilliant blue sky above, and the dark gorge flecked in green on either side of you.


A safety guide is winched down to secure your harness to his and take you back to the platform. One ride is all it takes to be hooked for life.

Departures:08h30 – 16h30 Daily, year round
Minimum / Maximum participants
Minimum: 1

Maximum: 2


Private Safari Min charge/ pax number:6
Times:08:30 – 16:30
Duration:15 minutes
Age Restrictions:
Minimum age: There is something for every age, level of madness and courage, from the very young and timid to the elderly.


There is no age limit on these activities, however, at managements discretion children may be required to travel in a double harness with an adult.


Parents or guardians of any child under 16 must be present and available to sign an indemnity on the child’s behalf. Management retain the right to turn a child away at their own discretion should they feel the child is not able to cope with the experience in any way.


There is no maximum age limit.

Other Restrictions:Max total weight 140 kg
Language: English
Transfers: Included
Please note:Children 6-11 years are half price, over 12 pay full price.
Inclusions:Scheduled transfers from / to Vic Falls Town / Hotels


Highlights & General Information:
Imagine the adrenalin rush traveling a speed of 106 km’s hurtling 425m across the gorge, while suspended 120m above the breath taking beauty of the Zambezi water below!


As the river zigzags down the Batoka Gorges, our cable is suspended across from one side to the other. For this product you are harnessed and attached to a pulley, then launched over the edge picking up speed as you descend over the water and reaching a speed of 106 km an hour. This is the longest Zip Line (Foofie Slide) ride in the world.

Operates between: The supervisors are available from 09h00 until 16h00 and you can normally jump whenever you feel like during these times – however please note these times vary slightly depending on the season.

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